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Question   Critique
I checked out your gallery. Wow! Brilliant. I was also fascinated at how much in common the subject matter is in our galleries albeit we reside on almost opposite sides of the planet.

- al armiger August 12, 2015

  Answer Hello as a.
Thank you for stopping by my site!

- Ritajane Smith  September 15, 2015

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Question   Your website
I enjoyed your pictures...Keep the shutter clicking!

- Stevan Brown February 09, 2010

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Question   Your UPB photos
I just checked out your site and scrolled through most of your pictures. I find it kinda funny that the ones I have been voting for the most are yours. They are Great!

- Carolyn Vickers September 14, 2009

  Answer Thank you for your kind words Carolyn!

- Ritajane Smith  September 16, 2009

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Question   Old Farm Houses and
I love the crisp detail of the old farm properties (B&W). I love the composition of the bridge photo with the reflection. Your talent seems strongest in wider shots using natural and man-made structures. You have an eye for the lines and flow and would love to see more of this style.

- Dan H March 14, 2009

  Answer Hello Dan,

Thank you for your kind words of encouragement.

- Ritajane Smith  March 21, 2009

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